16th June 1943 Str.
Gladstonos Court, 1st floor,
Office 102
Post Code 3022
Limassol - Cyprus

Tel.: +357 25342276
Fax: +357 25355193

Email: info@odysseosgroup.com

Company Info

Odysseos Chartered Certified Accountants is a firmly established organization with over 30 years of experience in the accounting profession. Our organization started off as a small accounting firm in the 1980s in Limassol to become one of the most well respected audit, accounting, and advisory firms in Cyprus. With a significant clientele spanning through all major industries, our firm is in position to offer high quality services to a wide range of companies.

What has been, and still is the core of our success throughout these three decades, is the close attention that our firm gives to the recruitment and training of the people comprising our staff. Educated at some of the best universities specializing in the field of accounting, all holding the ACCA qualification and having several years of experience in various areas of the accounting sector, our staff is in position to adapt and operate effectively in the challenging as well as changing economic and financial circumstances.

Our organization is a proud holder of the ACCA Approved Employer Certificate, a certificate that few audit and accounting firms in Cyprus have managed to obtain. It has also been awarded with the Trainee Development Certificate (Silver Status). The firm, Odysseos Chartered Certified Accountants is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus, holding the relevant practicing certificate of auditing in Cyprus.

Approved Employer Professional Development Award