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Cyprus has experienced a number of major positive changes in the recent years, the most important of which being that of the accession to the European Union. These changes have strengthened the commitment of Cyprus for a stable tax environment as well as the expansion of its treaty network, and have enhanced the interest in the use of Cyprus companies in international tax planning.

We, at Odysseos Chartered Certified Accountants, are in possession of the expert resources and knowledge necessary to provide assistance to businesses as well as individuals who wish to develop successful tax strategies which both maximize the tax benefits and meet the regulatory framework.

Every action a business makes has a direct or an indirect Tax Effect, and in most of the cases, decisions on corporate issues are made once the relevant tax implications are taken into consideration. Thorough tax planning has proven to be the key to save businesses lots of resources such as precious time and capital.

Successful tax planning is vital for successful businesses. The benefits to be gained from forward thinking tax planning and strategies are substantial.

Our professional tax services include:

  • Advice on international corporate business structures for the maximization of tax benefits.
  • Advice for Double Tax Avoidance
  • Preparation and submission of Capital Statements
  • Negotiation of Tax Cases with the Tax Authorities
  • Representation on the Tax Council
  • Payment of Taxes
  • Tax services for corporate entities
  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns
  • Request for Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Advice for the preparation and submission of Tax Objections

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